Custom Emails with R Markdown and Blastula

Blastula is a package for creating beautiful custom emails in R. At Posit, we love interactive dashboards, but some situations call for a different communication mechanism. Use blastula to:

Blastula makes it easy to send notifications for everything from anomaly detection to fantasy basketball results, all without leaving R. Please be sure to visit the blastula website to find additional resources.

Review the examples below to learn more about creating custom emails.

Customized Conditional Email Workflows on Connect

  • Description: Create an R Markdown report that will send an automated alert (email) whenever store inventory drops below a warning threshold.
  • Data: Simulated Etsy shop inventory and orders
  • Keywords: R Markdown, Connect, blastula, emailxa
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A scheduled R Markdown document has two potential outputs: either no email if inventory levels are high, or an alert email if inventory levels are low.

Custom Emails with Parameterized R Markdown

  • Description: A parameterized R Markdown HTML report which includes a custom email that can be requested via Connect.
  • Data: Access to Care
  • Keywords: Parameterized R Markdown, Connect, blastula
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Screenshots of Access to Care example which show parameterization.

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