Interactive Content Usage Tracking

An interactive Shiny app built with the Connect Server API to explore the most popular apps and most active viewers over time.

gif of interactive usage report showing the most visited content on Connect

Posit Connect provides access logs for most types of assets that can be published to the server. They can be accessed via the Connect Server API. Look-up information, such as user and application metadata is also available through specific endpoints of the same Connect Server API.

More information about what is possible to do with the Connect Server API, how to access and how to interact with it can be found in the official reference guide here: Connect API Reference. The sections the pertain to tracking content usage is found under the Instrumentation section of the same guide: Connect API Reference - Instrumentation

The code to create the dashboard pictured in this section is available in a GitHub repository here: Connect Usage.

See a deployed version of this application here.

Watch a full webinar discussing use of the Connect Server API and building this app below:

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