5. End User Usage

In this section, you will learn:

Once Package Manager has been installed and configured you will want your users to start using it. By using Package Manager end users will realize the following benefits:

There are a few way to facilitate end users use of Package Manager:

It is important to note that the best way to ensure that users are getting their package installations exclusively from Package Manager is to have users developing on a server that has access to the internet restricted so that all package installations must come from Package Manager.

The Package Manager user interface

Package Manager does not have a notion of users. So anyone with networking access to the Package Manager Server will be able to view the user interface (UI). The UI has several features that will be useful to you as the Admin and your users including:

  • A calendar view of time based snapshots for repositories so that users can use repository snapshots frozen in time for reproducibility.
  • A view of repository syncing so that you can see the history of updates to packages.
  • Ability to check if the binary of a package is available.
  • A view of package dependencies.
  • Usage stats for insight on the packages your teams are using.

The Package Manager Admin Guide has an overview of the User Interface that can be helpful to review and share with your users.

Lab 3

🚀 Launch the exercise environment!

In the exercise environment, you will get experience:

  • configure R to use Package Manager
  • configure Python to use Package Manager
  • monitor package usage

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