1. Introduction

Posit Package Manager empowers users to access R and Python packages and reproduce R and Python environments while giving IT control and visibility into package use. A few of the most common use cases include:

Explore more in the Admin guide!

The admin guide is the best resource on Posit Package Manager. We encourage you to use this training as an opportunity to get comfortable using this reference!

Posit Package Manager Requirements

General Product Requirements

Configuration and Sizing

Supported Sources

Source R Python
cran ✔️
pypi ✔️
bioconductor ✔️
curated-cran ✔️
curated-pypi ✔️
cran-snapshot ✔️
local ✔️ ✔️
git ✔️

Basic Architecture

The most straightforward architecture for Posit Package Manager is a single server implementation. On this server:

  • Posit Package Manager is installed.
  • The server has outbound access to Posit Package Service.
  • R is installed (optional).

Diagram of basic infrastructure for Package Manager.

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