4. Content Management

In this section, you will learn:

Content privileges

Each deployment of content on Posit Connect has access controls specifying which users are allowed to view and/or edit that content.

There are three access control settings:

  • Anyone - no login required

Any visitor to Posit Connect will be able to view this content, this should only be used for public facing content.

  • All users - login required

All Posit Connect accounts are permitted to view this content.

  • Specific users or groups

Specific users (or groups of users) can be designated viewers or collaborators (outlined below). Other users will not have access.

Content collaborators

Users designated as collaborators can view content, edit content, download source bundles, and manage the settings for a given piece of content. The content owner is always included as a collaborator. Collaborators must be either “publisher” or “administrator” accounts.

Content viewers

Users designated as viewers can view content including interactive applications or parameterized documents. Any type of account can be made a viewer for a given piece of content.

Connect API

The Connect API can do several content management tasks including listing, creating, updating and deleting content. In addition, the API can be used to list, add, update and delete content permissions. Refer to the sections of the API documentation for more details on the endpoints available related to Content and Content Permissions.

To learn more about managing content using the Connect API refer to the Connect API Cookbook Managing Content Section.

Configuration options

Access restrictions

Some organizations might want to restrict the types of access publishers and administrators can assign to each piece of content.

MostPermissiveAccessType and AdminMostPermissiveAccessType in the Applications section of the configuration control the methods available for publishers and administrators respectively for controlling content access permissions. For example, MostPermissiveAccessType set to acl would cause publishers not to be able to grant access to all logged-in users or anonymous, unauthenticated users.

Viewer restrictions

Posit Connect provides a setting, ViewersCanOnlySeeThemselves in the Authorization section of the configuration to prevent viewers from seeing any other users (names, emails, etc.) on the server. This setting does not apply to publishers or administrators.


Tags help users organize content and make it easy for other users to find content. Tags are created in the Admin page of Posit Connect, and only administrators can create and edit the tag schema. Once tags are created, collaborators can associate content with one or more tags in the “Tags” tab of the content settings sidebar. Users can also filter by tags to discover content as long as they have permission to view the content.

Connect API

The Connect API can do several tag-related tasks including listing, adding, updating, and deleting tags and the content they are associated with. Refer to the Tags sections of the API documentation for more details on the endpoints available.

To learn more about organizing content using the Connect API refer to the Connect API Cookbook Organizing Content Section.



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  • Restricting content privilege options
  • Adding, managing, assigning and filtering with tags
  • Using the Connect API to retrieve user privileges for content

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