Access to Care

scheduled ETL
ms powerpoint
jupyter notebook
pdf report
parameterized RMD

Project overview diagram showing a scheduled script generating a pinned model and pinned dataset which then produce a a Shiny app, R Markdown report with email output, xaringan slides, and a Plumber API consumed by a Jupyter Notebook, all deployed on Connect.

The following are a set of multiple types of artifacts published to Connect. They share or build on the same base analysis. Their purpose is to demonstrate how each type of asset can showcase an aspect of the analysis. The idea is to enable you to reach your audiences more effectively and efficiently.

Background: This project combines US CENSUS population data with hospital data provided by Medicare. A linear model is used to determine if a county is over or under served.The source code and data for all of the assets can be found in our Access to Care GitHub repo.


In Connect: …/access-to-care/dashboard/

Screenshot of Flexdashboard

Built with: shiny, flexdashboard, leaflet, ggplot2, DT

R Markdown HTML report

In Connect: …/access-to-care/report/

Screenshot of parameterized R Markdown report

Includes a custom email version when requested via Connect:

Screenshot of email output

Built with: rmarkdown, leaflet, DT, ggplot2, blastula, formattable

R Markdown PDF report

In Connect: …/access-to-care/pdf/

Screenshot of PDF report

Built with: rmarkdown, leaflet, DT, webshot, kabble

R Notebook

In Connect: …/access-to-care/notebook/

Screenshot of R Notebook

Built with: rmarkdown, tidyverse, fs

Jupyter Notebook

In Connect: …/access-to-care/jupyter/

Screenshot of Jupyter Notebook

Built with: jupyter notebooks, plumber


In Connect: …/access-to-care/api/

Screenshot of API

Built with: plumber


In Connect: …/access-to-care/presentation/

Screenshot of Presentation

Built with: rmarkdown, xaringan, ggplot2

PowerPoint deck

In Connect: …/access-to-care/powerpoint/

Screenshot of Powerpoint output

Built with: rmarkdown, ggplot2

PowerPoint deck by State

In Connect: …/access-to-care/ppt-state/

Screenshot of Powerpoint deck

Built with: rmarkdown, ggplot2

Pinned Datasets

In Connect:

Screenshot of Pin on Connect

Built with: pins

Pinned models

In Connect: Linear model

Screenshot of pinned model on Connect

Built with: pins

Data preparation script

In Connect: …/access-to-care/data-preparation/

Screenshot of data preparation script

Built with: rmarkdown

Tensorflow model

In Connect: Keras/Tensorflow model

Screenshot of Tensorflow model deployed on Connect

Built with: keras, tensorflow


In Connect:
  • Coverage map (ggplot2)
  • Hospital locations (leaflet)
  • Screenshot of plot deployed to Connect

    Built with: ggplot2, leaflet, htmlwidgets

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